What are the symptoms of hyperlipidemia

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General hyperlipidemia can have what symptom, a lot of people do not understand, which should be pay attention to, we know that hyperlipidemia is a widespread disease harm, by the patient's attention, in order to reduce the disease harm, we should correctly understand the main symptoms of hyperlipidemia, because of symptomatic disease the treatment can achieve good effect, so what is the main symptom of hyperlipidemia?
1, mild hyperlipidemia usually does not have any uncomfortable feeling, but no symptoms are not equal to not high blood lipid, regular examination of blood lipids is essential.
2, general hyperlipemia symptoms: dizziness, fatigue, insomnia and amnesia, numbness of limbs, chest tightness, heart palpitations, clinical symptoms will be confused with other diseases, some patients with high blood lipids but no symptoms, are often found in the physical examination of high blood fat blood tests. In addition, hyperlipidemia is often associated with overweight and obesity.
3, when hyperlipidemia is heavier, dizziness, headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, chest pain, fatigue, quarrel, inability to speak, numbness of the body will eventually lead to serious diseases such as coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy and so on.
4, long-term hyperlipidemia symptoms, long-term high blood lipids, lipid caused by vascular endothelial deposition will cause atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and peripheral arterial disease, manifested as angina, myocardial infarction, stroke and intermittent claudication (limb pain after).
5. The symptoms of a few hyperlipidemia can also change the fundus of the cornea and lipidemia. The cornea arch, also known as the old ring, is associated with hyperlipidemia in the case of 40 years of age, with familial hypercholesterolemia, but not strong in specificity. The change of fundus in hyperlipidemia is due to the deposition of large triglyceride rich large lipoprotein in the fundus arterioles, which is caused by light refraction. It is usually characterized by severe hypertriglyceridemia and chyluria.
The main symptoms of hyperlipidemia, patients must accurately understand and grasp, this is to help you to carry out accurate understanding and treatment of the premise, at the same time, but also to remind you that, after you grasp the main symptoms of hyperlipidemia, but also must actively to professional hospital treatment of diseases, the correct treatment of disease can resist disease hazards.
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1, adjust the rational diet, reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.
2, adjust life, work actively participate in sports activities, avoid sedentary movement, control weight, stop smoking and limit alcohol.
3. A family history of coronary heart disease, diabetes and primary hyperlipidemia should be regularly examined every year for blood lipids, blood sugar and liver function.
4, 40 years old men, postmenopausal women should do a regular blood lipid check every year.
5, for the purpose of early and timely detection of hyperlipidemia, it is suggested that all the adults over the age of 20 should regularly check the plasma total cholesterol level. For all patients with pancreatitis, the level of plasma three glyceride should be measured.

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1, dizziness is one of the common early symptoms of hyperlipidemia, especially in the middle-aged and elderly people. After waking up in the morning, they feel unconsciousness, can improve after breakfast, easily sleepy in the afternoon, but awake at night.
Some parts of the 2 body, yellow, orange or brown red nodules and plaques or rash, or a short time in the face, hands appear more spots.
3, the legs often cramp, and often feel muscle pain, or calf cool, numb, this is the accumulation of cholesterol in the leg muscles of the performance.
4, look at the thing blurred, or appear eyesight decline, this is the blood viscosity thicker, the flow rate slows down, causes the optic nerve or the retina temporary ischemia and anoxia.
5. The transient abdominal pain after repeated episodes is seen in the mesenteric arteriosclerotic gastrointestinal ischemia caused by hyperlipidemia. Often associated with tinnitus and hearing loss, hyperlipidemia, this is because of the high blood lipid of the inner ear blood vessels are narrow more narrow, the occurrence of blood disorders.
6, long-term high blood lipids, atherosclerosis caused by lipid deposition in vascular endothelial cells, can cause coronary heart disease and peripheral arterial disease, etc., manifested as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke and intermittent claudication (limb movement pain).
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